ReencleMicrobe™ : Compost Starter

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The Self-perpetuating ReencleMicrobe (Compost Starter) refill pack.

Includes ReencleMicrobe™ (1) bag

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Salty, Sour, Spicy Food?
Don't Worry!

- Generally, Microogranism can't survive under high salinity and strong acid

- But Don't Worry! Reencle microorganisms are built for high salinity and strong acidity

- Compost Start contains 3 different microorganism! One that love salt(Basophile), ones that love acid(acidophiles), and ones that love heat (thermophile) 

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Enjoy Long-Lasting performance of Microorgansim!

- Many of our customers ask whether they need to buy another compost starter

- The Answer is No! Microbes regenerate themselves inside of the Reencle, enables you to use semi-permanenetly

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all organic waste

- Microbes in Reencle compost starter can decompose most of food waste from fruit peel, egg shells to meat and dairy food

- Decompose all organic food waste consist of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen

Microorganism is a living thing

Don't Worry! Your Microogranism will not Die.
It will just simply turn your Food Waste to Nutrient-Rich Compost


Put variety of food waste for a healthy and effective microbial balance.


Recommend putting below Maximum amount of food waste  (2.2lbs, 1.0kg) per day.


Cut high-fiber vegetables such as banana peels, watermelon rinds, and raw vegetables into pieces for better decomposition!

What's Inside?


Activated Carbon

Create a thriving ecosystem for microorganisms to flourish, simulating their natural environment by introducing carbon-rich black pallets in the compost starter


Wood Pellets

Boosts your compost with improved aeration, optimal moisture control, and a significant increase in compost volume



The essense of Reencle's patented decomposing technology. The microbes effortlessly break down even the toughest food waste, revolutionizing the composting process. Even with high levels of salt or acidity!



Glucose kickstarts microbial growth with a powerful food source for initial cultivation, ensuring your compost thrives from the start.

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