Reduce, Reuse, Regrow

The one true kitchen-to-garden composter that
turns food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

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The one true kitchen-to-garden composter that turns food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

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Not all Composts are Created Equal

Reencle complies with California Code of Regulations 14 CCR section 18983. 1(b) & 17855(a)(4) : “Reduction of landfill disposal”

Experience Upscale Composting

It’s not magic. It’s a natural biologic process, but faster and better!

Step Up Closer

With no odor, low hassle, and super-silent operation, it’s so simple to set up the entire family can get in on the action!

Turn Scraps to Garden Fuel

Cultivate ReencleMicrobe - your own microorganisms especially selected to devour food waste, no matter how salty or acidic. The result? Ready-to-use, homemade organic super food for your plants.

ReencleMicrobe is a microorganism that reproduces itself when cultivated and fed well.

Reduce up to 90% of your food waste footprint.

Decompose Food Waste in as Little as 24 Hours*

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*Actual time may vary depending on the type of food waste.

5 Reasons why WIRED
Rated Reencle #1

Makes real compost, not dehydrated food scraps.


Supreme odor control = no smelly kitchen.


Reencle is whisper quiet.


More efficient and time-saving for you.


You’ll save more money with Reencle than others.

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