Why Wired rated Reencle the #1 home composter for gardeners

Gardeners can't stop talking about home composters, and for good reason! We all want to reduce waste, live more sustainably, and get nutrient-rich soil for our lovely plants. Composters help you do all of that, right from your kitchen.

WIRED recently reviewed 4 home composters, and selected Reencle as the "best overall" option. Let's dive into 5 reasons why WIRED picked Reencle over Lomi, Vitamix, and the other options.

Here are 5 reasons why WIRED rated Reencle an 8/10:


Makes real compost. Not dehydrated food scraps.

Other home composters, like Lomi, don't actually make compost according to the definition by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. They simply dehydrate the food scaps. The problem? When you add the scaps to your garden, they can reabsorb water - growing mold, attracting rodents, and generating odors. Reencle makes real compost, thanks to its Microbe technology that breaks down food, naturally.

Rianne C, Verified Customer

"I absolutely love Reencle. The machine truly makes compost, rather than just dehydrating and grinding up materials like other electric composters do."

Supreme odor control = no smelly kitchen

The Reencle home composter is built with an advanced odor control system that helps prevent unpleasant smells from wafting through your garden or yard. This is due to the composter's aeration system that promotes aerobic decomposition, which reduces the likelihood of odors occurring.

Christopher P, Verified Buyer

"No odor problem. We add tuna salad, left overs like stuffing from the holidays. Veggies galore. I rinse fattie leftovers in strainer before adding. I snip big pieces of veggies with scissors. It quickly breaks food down into the consistency of seed starting mix or peat moss. Pleasantly surprised!"



Reencle is whisper quiet, but the other guys are loud

According to 3rd party reviews on Reddit and other review sites, Reencle is significantly quieter than Lomi and other options. Reencle uses a low-speed motor that operates at 45 decibels. By comparison, Lomi uses a high-speed motor that can generate noise levels of up to 70 decibels.

Holly R, Verified Buyer

"It is very quiet, about the level of a bread maker, and there is no smell until the top is opened. Even then it isn't bad. I do highly recommend the Reencle."

More efficient and time-saving for you

The Reencle home composter is more efficient than Lomi, Vitamix, and other home composters. It uses a unique aeration system that allows for more oxygen to flow through the compost, leading to quicker decomposition and more efficient composting. This means that you can produce nutrient-rich compost in a shorter amount of time.

Maria E, Verified Buyer

"It's incredible. Breaks down carbs and protein within a day, also breaks down fruits and veggies but not quite as quickly or thoroughly. The broken down material looks like saw dust. Just add it to the garden or throw it on the lawn. Almost no maintenance."



You'll save more money with Reencle than others

With Lomi, you'll spend an extra $359.60 a year purchasing monthly filters and pods, and another $100 / year on electricity. Reencle doesn't use pods, and you only need to replace the filters once a year. Plus, the low-speed motor means you'll only pay $24 / year in electricity costs.

Annett C, Verified Buyer

"I love that it runs continuously so I can throw things in at any point during the day, and I also like that you add the microbes once and don’t have to add additional ones for every cycle. Those were the main reasons I chose it over the Lomi."

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I love it!

I love it! It's nearly silent while it's gobbling up everything from coffee grounds to eggshells and vegetable and fruit peelings and leftovers from dinner. I'm looking forward to spring so I can start putting the product on the garden.



Great compliment to my outdoor composting

It works well with food that you would never put in your outdoor bins, like bread. For me, this has been a great compliment to my outdoor composting. It hasn't had any smell and is very quiet! I'm loving it!



Perfect for gardening in the suburbs

I live in a suburb with close neighbors, but I still garden in some raised beds. This has been helpful to me because I can't make large compost piles in the backyard. I have started using the compost in some plants that I started indoors and they are doing just fine. Very good product.



Practical composting solution

Through years have been researching indoor composters, surprised to learn the most or majority of them bake the vegetables. Reencle is an honest to goodness composter, and it works! It’s been about a month, and I am very happy.

- Christopher W. VERIFIED BUYER


Love it!

It is simple to operate. Clean, odorless way to recycle kitchen scraps. Can't wait to use it on my plants this spring.



Love my composter

It works very quickly and fairly quietly. Smell is minimal unless it's opened. Everything works smoothly & intuitively.




It is so easy to set up. I followed instruction and after 24 hours, I added very old rice about 2-3 cups and bread the next day. Yes... I cannot wait and then on day 3 I added 1 banana peel and one black banana (chopped up). After day 3, I've added moldy cheese, blueberries, strawberries, 1 orange peel, peeled carrots and a container of old button mushroom from Costco (didn't cook the mushrooms in time). It all turned into compost no problem. The mushroom did make the compost a little wet but no smell. I've just added some very old baguette today. I am so HAPPY with my purchase. I feel so good that I am not throwing food in the trash!!



Very impressed with Reencle and Customer Service

Very easy to use, quiet, makes a large quantity of compost before it needs emptying, no smells and great composting ability. We love the Reencle!


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