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1. Makes real compost. Not dehydrated food scraps.

Other home composters, like Lomi, don't actually make compost according to the definition by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery. They simply dehydrate the food scaps. The problem? When you add the scaps to your garden, they can reabsorb water - growing mold, attracting rodents, and generating odors. Reencle makes real compost, thanks to its Microbe™technology that breaks down food, naturally.

2. Supreme odor control = no smelly kitchen

The Reencle home composter is built with an advanced odor control system that helps prevent unpleasant smells from wafting through your garden or yard. This is due to the composter's aeration system that promotes aerobic decomposition, which reduces the likelihood of odors occurring.

3. Reencle is whisper quiet, but the other guys are loud

According to 3rd party reviews on Reddit and other review sites, Reencle is significantly quieter than Lomi and other options. Reencle uses a low-speed motor that operates at 45 decibels. By comparison, Lomi uses a high-speed motor that can generate noise levels of up to 70 decibels.

4. More efficient and time-saving for you

The Reencle home composter is more efficient than Lomi, Vitamix, and other home composters. It uses a unique aeration system that allows for more oxygen to flow through the compost, leading to quicker decomposition and more efficient composting. This means that you can produce nutrient-rich compost in a shorter amount of time.

5. You'll save more money with Reencle than others

With Lomi, you'll spend an extra $359.60 a year purchasing monthly filters and pods, and another $100 / year on electricity. Reencle doesn't use pods, and you only need to replace the filters once a year. Plus, the low-speed motor means you'll only pay $24 / year in electricity costs.

150K+ Happy Customers


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150K+ Happy Customers

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