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City Gardener ‘Grace’

ㆍName : Grace Kim
ㆍOccupation : Graphic Designer
 ㆍAge : 29
ㆍLocation : New York City, New York
ㆍStatus : Single, living in an apartment with limited outdoor space

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Core Needs

ㆍMaking Own Compost
ㆍOdorless composting
solutions suitable for small spaces

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Pain Points

ㆍLimited Space for Traditional

ㆍBuying Compost 

My Apartment is Small, But I still want a Garden

I live alone in Small Aparment with Tiny Balcony in New York City.
I am a freelance designer so I usually work at home. When i am at home, i want to have some green around me,
so i have a small garden and some houseplant. It is one of my happyniess to see my small garden thrives.

I would not describe myself as a professional gardener, but i still want to do something good for my garden.
So when i went to supermarket, i realized compost bag selling at supermarket is way too big for me.
So i was looking for a solution to maintain my little garden and i found Reencle.

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Q. I am also living in Small Apartment in Dallas. Where do you place reencle in your house?

A. Personally, i put my reencle next to kitchen drawer, so that i can just throw away food waste while i am cooking. At first, i worried about what if it stinks, but it seems 3 layer carbon filter blocks most of the smell coming out from compost. I can only smell earthy smell from my compost!

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Q. What if you are living in a city and not interested in composting?

A. Yeah, some of my friends who came over said the same thing. I think what 's good about Reencle is it also contributes on reducing your food waste. Since i live alone, my trash bin takes a while to filled up but everytime i throw away all the banana peels and leftover in my trash, i suffer from fruit flies until i empty my bin which i hated it. 

With Reencle, i throw away whenever i have left over which made my kitchen way more cleaner. Plus, no fruit flies anymore! For people like me, i want to keep my house clean as i can since it's my workplace and also a place to rest. So that is another plus point for Reencle!

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Q. I am doing a lot of research on other composters in the market.
     Any particular reason why you chose Reencle?

A. That is an excellent question. I did reasearch a lot about other composters as well but it seems lot of them just dehydrates food waste and blend into pieces.  Dehydrated food wate does not contain necessary microbes for soil enrichment Unlike them, Reencle processes food waste with their microorganism, leading making genuine compost.  That was the most important point for me.

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"The reason busy Grace, who doesn't have a moment to spare, chose Reencle is simple."

With efficient time management and convenient usability, you too can make a better choice in your busy life!

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Q. How does Reencle compare to other food waste processors in terms of maintenance?

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A. Other products can be more complex and time-consuming to maintain. For example, they may require frequent filter replacements or cleaning, or the processing time may be longer. Reencle, on the other hand, has a longer filter replacement cycle and simpler internal cleaning, making it more convenient.

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Q. When comparing Reencle to other food waste processors, what are the differences in terms of maintenance?

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A. Maintenance is also very simple.The filter only needs to be replaced approximately once a year, and the inside of the device can be cleaned easily.The user manual provides detailed instructions, making it easy to follow.


Family Compost
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