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Reencle Home Composter

The odor-free mess-free solution to food waste:

3-layer filter system for odor free composting

Low maintenance ReencleMicrobe™

Operates under 28dB — the quietest composter available


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30-Day Trial

1-year Warranty

What's In the Box?



Mesh Filter

Self-Perpetuating Microbes



Mesh Filter

Self-Perpetuating Microbes

How to use Reencle

1. Set up Reencle with our microbes

Unpack your Reencle, dump in our packet of microbes, and let the colony establish

2. Dispose up to 2.2 lbs of food scraps per day

Feed your compost by disposing of food scraps regularly

3. Empty every 1-3 months

Spread your nutrient-dense fertilizer in your garden or on your houseplants

Reencle processes most foods

Fruits & Vegetables

Meat & Fish

Cheese & Eggs

Bread & Other Grains

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Not all compost is created equally

Don't just dehydrate your food and dump it. Compost your food and fertilize your garden.


Real compost


Filters cost $25/year

No hidden fees

"Composting" Dehydrators

Not real compost

Creates odors

Filters cost $220/year

Subscription required

30-day money back guarantee

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Murphy M.
United States United States

Reencle Home Composter

I like this composter a lot! It digests the fruit and veggie peelings, apple and pear cores completely. I don't have to try to use my outdoor tumbler composter which doesn't work very well BTW. There was a bit of an odor after a few days but after putting about half of a lemon into the mix that went away. I cut the material up into smaller pieces so that the composter gets to take care of things without too much trouble. I enjoy the gentle hum as it's going about its business. There was a contractor doing some work on my home that asked about the composter. After a brief tour and telling him how much I liked it he said he was going to talk to his wife about getting one. I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as I do!

Catherine M.
United States United States

So excited to start using this!

I haven’t started using it yet.i bought it for our second home in WV which is on septic and no trash/recycling. Excited that it is small enough that i can bring it to SC to use in our condo as well! No more yard for a tumble composter which was work.

United States United States

Great product

1 month in. Amazed this far. This thing literally eats out food waste. Our trash production has been cut in half. Easy to use. No foul odor.

Joeli B.
United States United States

Hey, Reencle!

Reencle is part of the family now. He’s a hard worker, quiet, and always up for a snack. We put some big googly eyes on him and sing his name when we’re headed his way with table scraps. We have a toddler and we’re having a serious food waste concerns within our trash can and Reencle has solved our food waste issue within days of moving in. My trash can is now just that: trash. And my food scraps are turning beautifully into compost for our garden beds. We love him.

Angela S.
United States United States


Wow, I never would have believed that this would work so well. I started out putting the scraps of veggies and bread, etc and then tried a different way. I put all the scraps into my food processor and grind it all up and put that mixture into the Reencle every other day. Then using a screen such as rabbit pen and screen the to keep chunks out and the little black charcoal which goes back into the Reencle. We take 1/2 out every 2 weeks, store it in a large garbage can with garden soil and leaves. We will use what we make for our Cedar raised bed gardens mixed with potting soil and leaves. I am very excited and very satisfied with this beautiful, quiet not smelly soil maker. Do not forget to print out the new directions from the website. We keep it locked so it doesn't open each time our dog walks by. We love it, turning waist into something we can use.

Reencle Reencle Home Composter Review

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